The Clarity Collection

The Clarity Collection is a thoughtful, ethical, and inclusive collaboration inspired by the work of a true healer, Alex Elle.

 I am clear in all that I do.
 - Alex Elle

As an author, mother, wife, and self-love supporter, Alex is a true advocate for finding piece in your life, and finding clarity where you can’t.

Clarity: A liberation of the mind, body, & spirit.
 - Alex Elle

Through their mutual love and respect for each other’s work as well as their desire to create something significant, Alex and Leigh dreamt up a line of gems to wear daily, use in your practice, and remind you to stay present & find your clarity.

As one of the most powerful healing crystals, quartz has been said to amplify any energy or intention. When kept close, it's said to protect against negativity, attune to one's inner wisdom, and restore balance in the body & soul.

I found love when I found myself.
Alex Elle

Alex has inspired Leigh to create daily mantras for herself; wearing her crystal and writing her mantra has become a daily ritual.

I am clear headed and present in the now
- Leigh, NLV