14k Gold Diamond + Boulder Opal Pendant


This 14k yellow gold and boulder opal pendant features a beautiful oval cut cabochon boulder opal with iridescent shades of orange, white and peach throughout, bezel set with a 14k gold and a round-cut, diamond set bail. It has been upcycled from a brooch pin, creating a one of a kind, ethically made pendant! 

Stone Significance: 
Because of the interaction between light and color in these beautiful stones, Opals have been known to be a source of magical powers. They are said to improve sight, protect from contagious diseases, and ease the pain that originates from grief and sorrow for those who wear it. This makes this Half Moon Opal Pendant not only a beautiful piece of jewelry, but also a meaningful talisman.

⊹ Recycled 14k Yellow Gold, Opal + Diamond
⊹ Excellent vintage, upcycled condition with the exception of surface scratches and an extra plate of gold at back where brooch was as well as 2 little cuts at the top of the setting near the bail (ref images)
⊹ Length: 15.5mm
⊹ Width: 10mm

*Note- Pendant does NOT come with chain shown in image- chain is solely shown for perspective*

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