14k Gold + Fancy Cut Sapphire Pendant


This 14k and fancy cut sapphire pendant is truly one of a kind! Featuring a front bezel setting is a beautiful peacock blue sapphire in a geometric cut.

Stone Significance:
Sapphire is a stone that attracts abundance + blessings to those who wear it. It has been used to protect against negative energies, as well as calm the mind, strengthen intuition, and invite spiritual clarity.

⊹ 14k Yellow Gold + Sapphire
⊹ Excellent pre-owned condition
⊹ Length: 14.2mm
⊹ Width: 13.8mm
⊹ Sapphire: Approx 1.5 TCW

*Note- Pendant does NOT come with chain shown in image- chain is solely shown for perspective*

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