Care + Repair

We’re sorry to hear your piece needs repairs and we want to make it right. For those pieces that have broken within the first year of purchase, repairs are on the house! Contact us via email to initiate your repair with a detailed message of your broken piece along with an image showing the damage and we will follow up by sending you a shipping label + instructions for shipping your item back. Once received, we will have it fixed and sent back to you in a timely manner, no questions asked! For those pieces in need of repair that have damaged or missing stones, we are happy to cover the cost of repair, but we do not cover the cost of the replacement stone- but reach out and we can give you a quote on what replacing the stone would cost.


After a year has gone by, don’t worry, we still want to help and offer repairs for all products purchased from Nova Lita Vintage. Please contact us for a repair quote and to receive a pre-paid shipping label. There will be an additional $25 charge to cover the cost of shipping and handling to ensure your piece makes it to us and back to you again safely.


Please keep in mind that the piece in need of repair must have been purchased from us directly and cannot contain any alterations previously performed by another jeweler to ensure that there are no additional complications in the repair and that the quote cost we give you is accurate.