Collaborate + Create

Nova Lita is dedicated to the belief that fine jewelry should not only bring you joy, but also inspire your creative spirit. Our exclusive creative collaboration services are tailored to transform your extraordinary jewelry ideas into breathtaking reality. Whether you seek to revive a cherished heirloom or embark on a journey to create something entirely new, our founder and lead designer, Leigh Loosbrock, will collaborate with you, skillfully transforming your unique vision into reality.

We will orchestrate a seamless transformation from imagination to reality. Immerse yourself in a carefully curated selection of design mockups, meticulously refined to reflect your unique essence. To enrich the process, we will provide detailed 3D CAD renderings, bringing every exquisite detail to life before progressing to production.

Our creative collaboration jewelry services start at $1,000 USD and the final price may vary based on your vision, selected materials, and project complexity. From the very beginning, we value your involvement, ensuring your complete satisfaction every step of the way.

Are you ready to embark on this jewelry odyssey with Nova Lita? Share your vision by completing the form below. The more information you provide, including your preferred materials, budget, and timeline, the better we can create a truly exceptional piece that resonates with your heart.

Once we receive your form, we will schedule a consultation to discuss your project in depth. Together, we will transform your aspirations into a remarkable work of art, a cherished treasure that will hold a special place in your heart.