What We're All About


how it started

Antique fine jewelry has an affinity to inspire many feelings; for us it was melancholy, joy, curiosity + gratitude that inspired what is now Nova Lita Vintage. We’ve hunted the streets of NYC + Europe, meticulously researched all facets of the market, + tested every piece put into our product with the purpose of bringing something unique, original and ethical to the jewelry industry.


our values are rooted

Design with intention is at the core of our foundation. With the price of gold fluctuating more than the stock market + retail markups giving the average person no chance at participating, we saw this as an opportunity to create an inclusive experience and still offer something to set you apart. The fine jewelry trade is notoriously synonymous with controversy, so we are striving to make our mark in this industry a responsible + sustainable one. Each of our designs is created with repurposed or redesigned materials making every outcome different.

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