14k Gold Dragonfly Talisman Pendant


This beautiful 14k yellow gold dragonfly talisman features has been upcycled from a vintage fluted gold rectangle piece with engraving on the back by the addition of 14k yellow gold recycled grain set at the sides and bottom of the pendant as well as a dragonfly to the center, creating a one of a kind, ethical talisman!

Talisman Significance: 
The dragonfly symbolizes wisdom, change, transformation, light + adaptability in life. It shows up to remind us to bring lightness + joy into our souls.

⊹ Recycled 14k Yellow Gold
⊹ Stamp reads 14k
⊹ Excellent vintage, upcycled condition with the exception of faint surface scratches throughout as well as a few small indents at the bottom front of the pendant (ref images)
⊹ Length: 19.6mm
⊹ Width: 24mm

*Note- Pendant does NOT come with chain shown in image- chain is solely shown for perspective*

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