Banded Agate Trinket Dish


These agate dishes are a perfect accessory for almost anything! Toss your jewelry in before going to bed, use it for burning your sage or give it as a housewarming gift! Featuring 3 different styles: Red-Orange, Blue-Green, + Orange-Taupe

**Please note: these are natural agate carvings and may contain imperfections**

⊹ Carved banded agate with natural rough edges and a soft pad at the base
⊹ Red Orange Dish: Approx 5"L x 3.75"W x .75"D
⊹ Blue-Green Dish: Approx 5"L x 4"W x .75"D
⊹ Orange-Taupe Dish: Approx 6"L x 5"W x .75"D

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