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Why We Upcycle and Recycle Vintage Jewelry at Nova Lita

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As the owner of Nova Lita Vintage, I'm passionate about creating sustainable and unique jewelry through the process of upcycling vintage materials. Upcycling is a crucial approach to our jewelry making that benefits both the environment and the final product. One of the main benefits of upcycling vintage jewelry is that it allows us to repurpose pieces that might otherwise be discarded or at best, never worn. I love taking old, broken, or outdated jewelry pieces and transforming them into new, one-of-a-kind designs that can be appreciated by a new generation. This process enables us to create something truly unique, while also reducing waste and...

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How to Identify What Era Your Jewelry Design Is From

identifying art deco jewelry identifying victorian jewelry identifying vintage jewelry vintage jewelry

If you're a lover of vintage jewelry, you know that each piece has its own unique history and charm. One way to learn more about a piece and appreciate its beauty even more is to try to identify the era in which it was made. Here are a few tips to help you determine the era of your favorite jewelry

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